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Complete Cat Groomer Syllabus Bundle, includes U.S. shipping

Complete Cat Groomer Syllabus Bundle, includes U.S. shipping

By: Tuition Plus

Complete Training Syllabus

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Complete Training Sullabus

Product Description

Get started on your way to becoming an amazing cat groomer! The Complete Training Syllabus includes everything you need to begin studying and working towards your Certified Feline Master Groomer!

This bundle includes a combination of online courses, books and DVDs. Shipping is free within the United States. For international students, we will invoice you for shipping costs. The books and DVDs package will ship to you once payment is received.

1. Cat Grooming Basics - Foundation to Success Course
2. The Ultimate Cat Groomer Encyclopedia (read while going through Basics course)
3. Written Exam Study Prep Course
4. Temperament and Handling Study Aids Course
5. Health and Anatomy Study Aids Course
6. Breeds, Colors and Coat Types Study Aids Course
7. Here Kitty Kitty DVD
8. Get a Grip DVD
9. Nail Trims and Softpaws Course
10. The Bath: Why and How Course
11. Cat Handling Techniques for the Groomer
12. Cat with a Mat DVD
13. The Lion Cut Course
14. The Comb Cut DVD
15. The Face Trim Course
16. Grooming the Aggressive Cat Course
17. Kryptonite for Cats DVD 
18. Senior Cats Course
19. Marketing 101 Course
20 Business Development Course

Please allow 1 business day to receive email invitations for online courses. We recommend going in the order listed above for the most benefit.